Style with no limitations. A feeling of Rebellion, Self Expression and Beauty.

Kozue Badacious (CEO/Designer) & Ayumi Badacious (Co-Designer) are a self-taught custom jewelry designers based out of New York. Originally from Nagoya, Aichi (Kozue) & Mito, Ibaraki (Ayumi), the duo uses their Japanese heritage and influential music such as Rock, Hip Hop and Japanese Old School along with a few legendary fashion icons to help inspire and create their pieces. What sets them apart from everyone else is the fact that the creations totally manifest in their minds which then becomes reality. Basically there are no blueprints to the creations that make every item unique in it’s own way. Immediately after launching Badacious in 2010, Kozue & Ayumi found their niche in the fashion world, that’s when wardrobe stylists and fashion editors took notice. With an ever growing fan base and some notable clients under the belt The tandem immediately gained notoriety and industry buzz amongst recording artists, actors and media both here and Japan.